Today's message
  • Congregation has debated the abolition of the EJRA and there has been a postal vote
    Sadly lost! Out of a vote of nearly 1,700 a third wanted the EJRA aboloshed!
  • See here for why we believe the EJRA should be abolished.
  • The National Press have recently featured articles on the EJRA
  • The EJRA was judged unlawful by the University's own Court of Appeal
  • Read the Report by the Oxford Statistical Consultancy on the Review Group's Report
Other messages
  • The EJRA review panel have published their findings
    Congregation approved the related changes to regulations. They did not approve the EJRA per se
  • The review on the EJRA has still left some big questions hanging; there are now four judgements from the University court of appeal.
    Click here for a discussion on these questions and to read the four judgements.
  • Are you suffering from the EJRA? Do you need help? Do you need support? Contact us
The story before
  • The EJRA was the subject of a debate in Congregation on 17 May 2016
    Many of the issues raised are still current
  • The motion was:
    Good Governance of the University in Relation to the Administration of the EJRA Scheme
  • The motion was narrowly defeated. Some of the speeches are here.
  • There was a postal vote: over 1,600 members of Congregation voted. Over 46% supported the motion.
Thank you everyone for your support!

What is the EJRA and how does it affect you?

Why the EJRA needs to change

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How we can help you

The Oxford EJRA Group:

  • is open to all Oxford University staff
  • provides information about the effects of the EJRA
  • wants to change how the EJRA operates

EJRA - an Employer-Justified Retirement Age. This website explains what the EJRA is, why it matters to you, and what you can do to help us change it. This is an open and informal group and our individual opinions ranging from those who want the EJRA to be reformed to those seeking its abolition. What brings us together is our experience of the EJRA.