National press coverage

Academic retirement and the EJRA has appeared in the national press

Oddities, experiences and side-effects really

Small, and large things that have, or could have, happened to people as a result of the EJRA

  • If you want your mortgage term to run until you are 70, you can: unless you work for Oxford University when your mortgage can only run until you are 68!
  • Collaborating with Nobel Laureates is no protection against forced retirement
  • If you are seeking a grant for a major project, with significant funding, ensure your PI is not subject to the EJRA (but only if you want to be sucessful)
  • If you are 68 or over and want to apply for a post at Oxford University that is grade 8 or higher you can, providing you don't mind being automatically excluded from the shortlist
  • If you thought your pension was sorted - with the devaluation of the pension scheme from the end of this month, you’re going to have to work beyond the age of 67 to make ends meet